Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday Morons

So here's a story for you.  I'm out at the barn today trying to de-shed my monster, when I hear a man call out from across the pasture.  His daughter wanted to feed the horses treats so I invited her to come around and over to the barn.  I had Walker in the entryway of the barn, and I knew Koby wouldn't go over to the fence without Walker.

She gives all the horses treats and all is well.  I return Walker to the pasture and I'm just getting ready to leave when I see the girl's father at the pasture fence.  I assume he has treats too so I turn to leave when he climbs over the fence and into the pasture through 4 feet of snow.

The next thing I know he's calling out "Here, horsey horsey," and tweedle dee and tweedle dum come galloping straight at him.

I'm sorry.  Call me old fashioned but when is it acceptable to just crawl into someone else's pasture like that.  Who does that?

Naturally, I'm a little nervous.  I mean, 30 minutes prior, Koby had almost trampled me in that very pasture.  I may be over cautious, but there 's something about watching a one-eyed OTTB ex-eventer come galloping at a man with zero horse experience that puts a girl on edge.

I immediately go over to the fence and say that Koby, in particular, is unpredictable and horses, in general, are unpredictable and he needs to be careful.

What I should have said was: "Get the hell out of the field".  But I was just so surprised that people are that stupid.

The man says to me just as confident as anything: "Oh don't worry.  He likes me.  He follows me around and everything.  Watch."

No.  I will not watch you die.  He is not a dog.  He follows you because you have food.  He is a 1200 lb animal who would sooner kick you in the head than get within a foot of your daughter and that plastic bag she's whipping through the air, which incidentally, will be the cause of your untimely death.

What is wrong with people?

Anyway, the man ended up leaving and we called our barn owner who said she will go over and talk to them.  I guess she had said that as long as someone was around, they could give the horses treats as long as they were cut up, etc.  I guess horses are still a novelty to this neighborhood.

Well, move along, folks.  Ain't nothing to see here.

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  1. Ummm yeah I wouldn't want those ppl anywhere near my horse!!!