I have a lot of goals (and dreams) for Walker and me to accomplish, and I try to keep them simple and small.  I've learned that when I set my goals too high and ignore all the little steps that are needed to accomplish those goals, I get frustrated even though I am improving.  But I also have a bunch of goals for myself as a rider mainly because of Walker's limitations and because I don't want to force him to do things he does not enjoy.  I'm sure that these goals will change as time goes on, but I'm a list person so I like to keep them in front of me to know where I'm at and where I've been.  Some may seem simple but Walker and I are still new too each other, I'm getting back into the swing of things as a rider, and some things are simply new to Walker and me both.  But I'm willing to see where our relationship will bring us.

Goals for Walker and me
- quiet hands
- better seat position - pelvis tipped forward
- solid seat position - especially when cantering
- gentle hands - quick release, softer mouth
- trot crossrail
- trot vertical
- trot jump course
- canter crossrail
- canter jump course
- canter vertical
- jump up to 2 feet
- jumper higher than 2 feet?
- canter in an open field (or have an open field to canter in)
- gallop (intentionally)
- prepare and hold to an appropriate fitness plan for Walker including suppling, strength, cardio
- ride him without spurs
- control/maintain his Western Pleasure lope
- participate in a clinic
- participate in a Herb Best clinic
- do a beach ride together
- participate in more shows?
- participate in higher level Western shows?

Let's do this thing

Goals for me
- jump 2 feet
- jump 3 feet
- jump 4 feet?
- do a cross country course
- get over irrational fear/dread of lessons/showing/need for perfection
- buy a second horse someday (with Walker still as my number one man, of course)
- train (or help train) a baby

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