Wish List

Since I always seem to be talking about things I want to buy for Walker and me (whether needed or not), I decided to follow the example of many of my other horsey bloggers and create a wish list.  I have prioritized mine into what I consider realistic categories:

- full seat breeches
- all the appropriate winter blankets he needs (turnout, stall blanket)
- cowboy boots (mine are getting ratty...)
- Winter riding boots (I'm surprised my toes didn't fall off last Winter...)
- shipping needs (i.e. shipping boots, shipping helmet perhaps, etc.)
- a cooler
- new, better quality breeches (and general riding attire)
- shock-absorbing wedge/saddle pad (I'm not entirely convinced my English saddle is comfy for him, although I have no reason to believe otherwise...)
- new English girth (his other one is now too big)

- new fancy English saddle
- new English bridle (to match new English saddle)
- cheap Western saddle
- English show jacket and shirt (if I ever show again and decide to show English)
- some sort of tack box or tack locker
- fancy (read: expensive) English boots

A Girl Can Dream:
- truck and horse trailer
- another horse (or 5) :)

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