Sunday, 18 January 2015

As Expected

Walker won.

We did not successfully deworm him.

I will need to get him checked in a month or so but we're just going to drop it.  He successfully evaded our every attempts, and we ended up squirting the dewormer into oblivion before even getting the chance to twitch him.

We had been at it for 40 minutes anyway.

He continuously put his head up and down, and then when we tried to grab his lip to twitch him manually, he used that strong quarter horse neck of his to resist us.  Which was fairly impressive.

Then I resorted to using treats to coax him to get near my hand so that I could grab his lip.

He countered by coming down for the treats, taking them at lightning speed and throwing his head back up.

Most horses would shy away from the treats after the first attempt of us trying to take advantage of him.  But not Walker.  He knew, of course, that he could take advantage of us.  So he did.

He got his treats AND he didn't have to be dewormed.

Walker - 1.  Natalie/Barn Owner/Barn Owner's Husband/Child Down the Street Enlisted to Hold the Treats - 0.

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