Saturday, 10 January 2015

Deworming Prep

My barn owner is insisting we deworm Walker this weekend.  I tried to get out of it by telling her that I normally get a fecal sample done and then let the vet tell me what to do.  She countered by telling me that she spoke with a vet who thinks that the three boys should get done now and then maybe we'll be able to manage them and the fields so that it won't have to happen again for another year.

Solid reasoning.  Except she has never given Walker dewormer.

And neither have I.  Ever.

This is not to say that I have never had Walker dewormed.  Oh, he has been dewormed.  In the first year, my barn owner helped me.  Those were the easy days when you could deworm him without even putting a halter on, but for whatever reason, I never did it myself.

In the second year, he got sick.  That's when he started getting oral meds 2x a day by the vet and when he not so secretly vowed to never let another human near his mouth with a syringe.

Since then, only one person has ever been able to deworm him, and folks, it's not me.

My barn owner seems to think that as a team of three, we can deworm this horse.  I just laughed and told her I'm buying a twitch.  I'm hoping it won't come to that, but - well - it's probably definitely going to come to that.

Updates to follow.  Probably from the hospital where I'll be having them relocate my shoulder or fix my broken nose.